“Want to maximize your Event content at Electric Brixton? Here are seven tips that are sure to help.”

  1. Electric-Brixton led screen hire bigabox

    AMNESIA concert – 3.6mm led screen hire, Bigabox

    Always hire a high quality screen. You’ve taken the trouble to produce your content at some cost. You want to show it off to your audience at best quality.
  2. Make sure the sound is up to the job. 
  3. Always hire from someone who is familiar with the venue. It saves on familiarising with time-wasting logistics. 
  4. Use an installation company who are fast, professional and have good history with the venue. Finding someone who knows the job to do, and the venue management team, helps a lot.
  5. Use a local supplier. You don’t want to pay transport rates for a distance installer.
  6. Use a crew happy to wear your logo. You pay the team, why not own them while they work for you?
  7. Think BIGA  – it doesn’t mean thinking expensive. There are some Great Rates to be had for a fully integrated solution. BIGABOX is a great example of a Brixton Electric working partner.

ABOUT BIGABOX: Bigabox supply high quality BIG led screen hire for big Events in and around London. Including Brixton Electric.

With offices in Shoreditch, and a warehouse base in Stevenage, Bigabox are only a short distance away.

2.6mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6mm pitch LED VIDEO WALLS available to hire. 360 Installation & Support. London-based integrated AV specialists. Supplying the world’s biggest exhibitions, sport arenas, hotels, brands, artists, bands, and industry leading visual shows to audiences across the UK and EU. Specialising in the best LED Video solutions is in our DNA.

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